Historical Importance

Prasadam, The God’s heavenly treat to his devotees.

Bihar has been The Enlightenment state, similarly loved by Jains and Buddhists as this state assumed a critical part in the life of both of these divine beings and formed the fate of the nation and to a degree, the world also. Magadha all through history had been at the inside phase of the happenings in India and however much has changed from that point forward, just little has changed towards the dedication which these sanctuaries evoke.The rundown of well known sanctuaries in Bihar are all together.

The town was once a harbour and excavations reveal coins and old boats belonging to different places in the Middle East and Far East. Typical of the vibrancy of Indian culture, Bhagalpur tourism is bejewelled by the pious festivals. Muharram is also observed here on a large scale. The name of the city “Bhagalpur” finds its roots in the word “Bhagdatpuram” which means “Good Luck”.

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Sultanganj offers remarkable places to visit which was mentioned in Indian history and mythology of Hindu religion. This place is also well known for Lord Shiva & Buddha.

Buddhist Circuit in Bihar

The legendary spiritual enlightenment site of the Buddha under the holy Bodhi tree has become the magnetic point for human congregation ever since. The Kesaria Stupa, highest among the excavated Buddhist stupas is also situated in Bihar.



The capital of the mighty Magadha Empire in the fourth century BC (also construed as the first recorded..



2500 years ago a young ascetic - Siddhartha attained enlightenment to become the Buddha and found..



Vaishali ranked among few of the rare places in history that has left behind a trail of events that reflect..



Remains of the ancient Vikramshila University have been excavated at village Antichak in the Bhagalpur..

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