Historical Importance

A whirlwind historical tour of Bihar

History is a very integral part of any culture, which tells us about our roots and origin. With the help of history, we have been able to learn about our great ancestors, learn from their mistakes and move forward to build a better world. How do we know about our great past without the evidence?

So, let's learn about the great yesteryears of the country through these archaeological sites in Bihar, which have been attracting tourists since their discovery during the excavation. From ancient universities to caves, these sites hold everything, which definitely surprise their visitors, compelling them to think about the profound history of the country. The Maurya Empire was centered around Patliputra (Patna) and spread to almost all of India from here. After the 3rd century BC, this empire declined to give way to the Gupta Empire.

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heritage of bihar

Sultanganj offers remarkable places to visit which was mentioned in Indian history and mythology of Hindu religion. This place is also well known for Lord Shiva & Buddha.

Buddhist Circuit in Bihar

The legendary spiritual enlightenment site of the Buddha under the holy Bodhi tree has become the magnetic point for human congregation ever since. The Kesaria Stupa, highest among the excavated Buddhist stupas is also situated in Bihar.



The capital of the mighty Magadha Empire in the fourth century BC (also construed as the first recorded..



2500 years ago a young ascetic - Siddhartha attained enlightenment to become the Buddha and found..



Vaishali ranked among few of the rare places in history that has left behind a trail of events that reflect..



Remains of the ancient Vikramshila University have been excavated at village Antichak in the Bhagalpur..

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